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Q: Can you tell me the last time you updated all of your lists?

A:  We are constantly updating the list of email data. We are proud that our email list better. Our email list to be updated on a monthly basis.

Q: Email list free on your website is good, I can copy it.

A: This is the old email, no fresh, no update, no check valid,  we do not use this list to sell to anyone. The best you should to buy our email list current, it is curent and continuously updated, fresh, check valid.

Q: I want to buy half the number of emails in email list of countries that I have chosen is not?

A: You do not necessarily have to buy all email lists that you have chosen, we can split your email list for sale. Especially we can send free demo email list for your reference before you buy.

Q: If I choose to order more than one list product, do you offer any types of specials or discounts that will make my combined order more affordable?

A: We always have discounts when you order multiple email lists. You can send as many emails that you need to buy email us: info@emaildatalist.net to our great rates for your calculation

Q: I am very interested in your email list. However I want to buy the selected email list, email list, for example tourism, business or financial ...

A: We provide you with custom email list can be created from our customers.If you are interested in an e-mail list just for tourism, business or finance ....Please send email us at info@emaildatalist.net.We will review and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Your email list current, true that the emails are living?

A: We have a software system to check your weekly email. As a result, we provide you with a list of valid email completely

Q: When I pay you. I immediately get a list of emails that I bought not?

A: Usually, you will receive a link to download list of emails to your computer as soon as our system receive notice from bank or unit which you choose to pay.

Q: In case I paid but did not receive the download link what should I do?

A: Be patient! Maybe payment system errors at any stage or website system updates slowly. Please scan your payment slip and send it to us at the following email address: info@emaildatalist.net . We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.